This page presents the project EMOCE.info, which is a part of larger project NEWRON.

NEWRON is therapeutic software project which focuses on support and development of people suffering from various psycho-social disorders.

EMOCE.info is focused on special IT support for improvement or rehabilitation of social skills.

NEWRON is an application consisting of a set of games which are continuously affecting the social perception and interactions of the target persons. The games activate their psychomotor and decision-making functions and optimize the usage of modern information technologies to promote the personal development. In the first phase, this project focuses on children and adolescents with the autistic spectrum disorder. Our plan is to target also other groups, e.g., hyperactivity, impulsiveness, specific learning disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.), neurorehabilitation after accidents and operations, neuro-cognitive rehabilitation in early stages of dementia, etc.

The project runs under the applied research at the Masaryk University.

Expert Supervisors of the project are Pavel Humpolíček, Ph.D. (Department of psychology Faculty of Arts MU) a Barbora Kozlíková, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Graphics and Design Faculty of Informatics MU).