SAM game

SAM is a specialized module which aims to activate the social skills (Social Activisation Module of NEWRON).

The SAM game is based on simple neuropsychological principles which were not yet actively tested in such a way anywhere.

Using a simple presentation of many different human faces of many different individuals in many different social situations and by using different levels of difficulty we aim to activate specific parts of frontal lobe of the brain. In consequence this will support the active usage of the human ability to recognize and experience emotions.

An example of the SAM game can be found here:

In order to get the database of different human emotions and make it publicly accessible we are kindly asking for your cooperation.

Using this simple application you can upload your photos capturing different occasions (e.g., holiday, wedding, graduation ceremony, funeral,…) and most importantly, you are able to recognize your own emotions on them.

These photos will be subsequently assessed by several other people to assure that the emotion is easily recognizable. When a photo will pass through this step, it will be added to our database of emotions. This database will be then publicly available (for families, experts, researchers, etc.). Of course, the database will be completely anonymous, no names or email addresses will be released. Only your emotions. J

If you are willing to help us in this initiative, please follow the link and upload your emotion.

If you also would like to participate on the process of evaluation of the uploaded photos, please follow this link. Also this participation is very important for us and additionally, you can get a small souvenir from HC Kometa Brno for it.